Five Mantras for a Fabulous Week inspired by

When Mondays promise to be manic, the way you plan to start out your day is more important than you realize. Studies have shown that positive thinking and a soothing morning ritual can lower your blood pressure significantly. Our best advice is to adopt a few empowering mantras to recite to yourself first thing in the morning. And again (again, again) throughout the day to remind yourself that you’ve got this.

For inspiration, we looked to our partners over at who have been known the world over for their inspirational core values – a set that is versatile and true enough to cover our personal and professional lives. Especially on travel days, where unfamiliar territory and the clarity and positive spirit to be your own support system wanes, these affirmative mind malas will keep you on path

Embrace and Drive Change. As with travel, so too in the hustle… days spent on the go-go can be unpredictable. When we start our journeys welcoming change and shifting wind patterns, we can flow with the breeze much easier. Once we can get comfortable doing that, only then can we adapt, re-focus, and drive real change in our daily lives. Start with this mentality for an openness that will shatter your limiting beliefs and set you up for your grand adventure: life.

Create Fun and A Little Weirdness. What’s the point if you’re not enjoying yourself. More importantly, who are we if we are not ourselves? Consciously creating space for joy and weirdness allows us the freedom to live authentically. Like we always say, if you’re going to sweat (and we hope you do daily!) don’t let it be the little things.

Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded. Most of you have this down pact. We are consistently impressed and challenged by our incredible Wellth Warrior community to keep it exciting and inviting. As with any core values that we can sometimes take for granted, we added this one to the list to make sure we’re continuously working our inclusion muscle, nurturing our creative spirits, and trying something new every day.

Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication. Nothing spells wellth like
harmonious relationships. Going back to that mantra of authenticity and weirdness, the best relationships leave nothing to chance and nothing under wraps. Rip the cord and adopt a dedication to fearlessness that allows you to speak freely in every circumstance. Your relationships will thank you for it and so will your spirit.

Do More With Less When our goal is to lighten the load, mentally & physically, the first step is to be more efficient with our thoughts and our things. Clutter is a metaphysical mindf*ck. If we can strip away the excess in our lives, we free ourselves up to more opportunities and a clear, focused mind. Our thoughts operate in much the same way. Our “monkey mind” wants to throw random ideas at every challenge, many of them counter solutions: worries, worst-case scenarios, and blame, jealousy, or defeatist notions. When we apply mindfulness and welcome fewer, richer thought patterns we can do more with intention and have more abundant life experiences no matter the situation.